T&T Rewards Program - Terms and Conditions

Program Availability

Get Points on eligible purchases at all T&T and Osaka Supermarket Stores in British Columbia, Ontario (hereafter referred to as T&T Stores) and online. For a full list of T&T store locations, visit www.tntsupermarket.com.

How to Join

1. To find out how to join the T&T Rewards Program, speak to a Customer Service Counter at any T&T Stores or call Customer Service Hotline 1-877-321-8113 (Eastern Region) / 1-866-868-5678 (Western Region). No purchase is necessary.

2. Join through registering for an account at: (a) T&T Website or Mobile App by visiting your applicable app store (b) T&T Rewards Card Kiosk located at T&T stores and receive a set of T&T Rewards Cards instantly (c) Complete the application form provided at T&T Stores and receive a set of T&T Rewards Cards instantly. The methods for participating in the T&T Rewards Program may change from time to time.

Membership Requirements

1. To be a member of the T&T Rewards Program, you must be aged eighteen (18) years or older and a legal resident of Canada.

2. Each registration account has one (1) main card and two (2) mini cards if register through T&T Rewards Card Kiosk or paper form in T&T stores or one (1) primary account and two (2) associate accounts through invitation if register through T&T Mobile App for you and your family members, in which all points earned will enter the same reward points account, each member under this account agrees that each other members to utilize the reward points on the same account. T&T Supermarket is not responsible for the misuse of points by each member.

3. You must ensure that you keep your personal information updated or notify us if you change it at any time by contact our Customer Service at T&T Stores or update through T&T Mobile App. If you do not, you may not be able to receive relevant notices from us regarding this program.

4. By registering for an account, you agree to be bound by these terms and conditions.

How to Earn Points

1. Every eligible purchase of $20 or more (before tax) can earn T&T Points. Every eligible purchase of $20 = 20 points.

2. To earn points, you must provide your T&T Rewards Card Number (on either the Card or T&T mobile App) at the time of purchase. Otherwise, no points will be earned once the transaction is completed.

3. Eligible purchases are defined as net purchase amount, excluding prescription items, gift cards, tickets, stamps, lotteries, telephone cards, newspapers, tobacco, wholesale sales, applicable sales taxes, deposit, eco-fees and coupon discount. Points will be earned on purchases made with T&T gift cards at the time the T&T gift card is redeemed.

4. Points earned may take up to twenty-four (24) hours after purchase to post to your account.

5. You could check your point balance as reference from the purchase receipt or T&T Rewards Card Kiosk or T&T Mobile App.

How to Redeem Your Rewards

1. Once your point balance reaches specified points, you may redeem merchandise (by presenting your card or through T&T Mobile App) subject to the Terms announced at the relevant Redemption Period.

2. Points cannot be transferred to other account under different registered Primary Card Holder or redeemed for cash.

3. Please refer to in-store or online announcement or T&T Mobile App for selection of redemption items. In-store redemption items are subject to availability. We do not offer internal transfer or reservation. No Rain Check. While stock lasts!

4. Points may be redeemed in any of the T&T Stores or online, subject to the redemption program details announced.

5. We offer exchange on same reward item but no refund with original receipt subject to item availability. Exchange of general groceries will be accepted within fourteen (14) days of redemption, exchange on perishable items will only be accepted within forty-eight (48) hours of redemption and subject to item availability. Special terms and conditions may apply on reward items.

If You Need to Return a Purchased Product

1. On products returned for refund, any points earned for the original purchase will be deducted from the member's account balance.

2. If no points are currently available, your account balance may become negative.

3. Please also refer to T&T Return and Exchange Policy from the receipts or notices posted at stores or website.

If You Want a Replacement Card (not applicable to App registered members)

1. If your T&T Rewards Card is lost, stolen or broken, please fill out the Card Replacement Request Form and return to Customer Service Counter at your local T&T Stores, your name and phone number needed to be verified upon your form submission. The new replacement card will be available for pick up after seven (7) days at same store location.

2. The old card will be deactivated and your points balance will be transferred to the new replacement card based on the latest system record. Nonetheless, T&T Supermarket is not responsible for any points lost due to the loss of T&T Rewards Card.

Expiration and Cancellation

1. All points will be expired if your account is not active (i.e. no Points collection at a purchase, or no Redemption) for a period of six (6) months.

2. Failure to meet or observe any of the above terms and conditions, or intentional misuse of this program, may result in membership termination with immediate effect at the sole discretion of T&T Supermarket.

3. Misuse of the program includes, but is not limited to, excessive and unnecessary returns or refunds of purchase. T&T Supermarket reserves the right to cancel or remove points which have been issued to a member’s account by mistake or due to a system or human error. T&T Supermarket will not tolerate knowing misuse of the system when/if an error in the number of points occurs, and such misuse can lead to termination of the member’s account and prohibition from future use.

4. In the event of membership termination due to misuse, no compensation will be offered for points earned.

5. T&T Supermarket reserves the right to cancel or substantially modify this program anytime, and on such occasion notice poster will be posted at T&T Supermarket and on www.tntsupermarket.com ninety (90) days before the effective date.

Privacy Policy

The T&T Rewards Card Program is subject to the www.tntsupermarket.com Privacy Policy. The personal information you provide on this registration may be used for communication in relation to T&T Rewards Program and for the T&T respective promotional purpose. If you have any questions or concerns about the collection of this information, please contact us by writing to: T&T Privacy, 6311 Fraserwood Pl, Richmond, BC V6W 1J2, or by e-mail at: tntprivacy@tntsupermarket.com

If there is any inconsistency or conflict between the English and Chinese versions of these Terms and Conditions, the English version shall prevail.

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